So, I don’t really like the word “onederland”.  It’s awkward sounding #1.  But also, it makes weight loss that doesn’t result in being less than 200 lbs seem invalid or not good enough, which sucks.

For those who don’t know, here is the urban dictionary definition of “onederland”

onederland definition.JPG

Basically means your weight starts with a ONE, and not a two or a three.  You are one hundred and some odd pounds in weight.

I think any weight loss is amazing.  When I got below three hundred pounds, and my weight started with a TWO, I cried.  It was awesome.  But there isn’t much celebration of this milestone in the weight loss surgery/bariatric community – it’s all about the “onederland” celebrations.  Which, again – is great – but I don’t want to discount the triumphs of people who maybe don’t get to be under 200 lbs.  Some people that isn’t a realistic goal – they may start out at over 500 lbs and losing that much may not be possible, or they could be really tall and won’t see under 200 lbs.  You never know.  It just feel excluding in some way.

But I’m probably reading WAY too much into one stupid made up word that people use to celebrate their weight loss.  Because, really, being under 200 lbs is a HUGE achievement and it’s a major step towards health and being considered “average” weight by doctors and insurance companies, and other people who buy into BMI standards and think they’re actually accurate (they aren’t, but that’s for a future rant).

Really, I just would not want to make someone else feel bad because I needed to celebrate being under 200 lbs.  Because at first when I saw these celebrations on FB, it was hard sometimes to see because I didn’t know if I could get there, and where was the celebration for being under three hundred pounds.  There is no “twoderland” floating around out there – that sounds awkward and looks awkward (whereas “onederland” just looks awkward).

I don’t know.  I’m on the fence.  I like it and totally get the excitement of it, but I think it’s weird all at the same time.  But it is a HUGE milestone, and trust me, I’ve been waiting and waiting until I got to under 200 lbs.  That was goal #1.  It actually was the weight goal my surgeon gave me – be under 200 lbs.  That was all she cared about it.

Well, guess what, I finally fucking made it.  As of Saturday, June 3, 2017, I weigh under 200 lbs.  199.8 lbs to be exact (but who’s counting? you know, besides me!!). FUCK YEAH!




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