boring week of regular shit

So I actually started tracking my reps & weights for my workouts – I’ve got 2 days of writing it all down under my belt.  I think it’s going to take some planning to get into the habit on the regular, but I think it could be really helpful.  I of course will get way too crazy about it and create a comparison spreadsheet to track my progress – because really that’s what it’s all about in the end – I mean come on!


I’m joining FB groups about lifting lately.  Trying to really up my weights and get stronger and make sure I’m using good form, etc.  I still keep thinking I’m going to need a trainer sooner or later, but I’m trying to put it off a little longer, mainly because I’m cheap and just don’t want to spend the money, but also, since my gym doesn’t offer trainers – finding a trainer on my own is actually a little difficult.

I have 3 books checked out online and 4 more books waiting at the library for me, so I better start reading.  In addition to reading fitness/health books, I grabbed a few books of essays by women. I used to love that kind of thing, and since I’ve really been enjoying the books by female comedians I’ve read recently, I thought I’d give it a shot.  And, because they’re library books, if they suck – no harm!

I seem to be more sensitive to noise lately.  K’s snoring has been keeping me up so I bought ear plugs, and the noises at the office have been distracting, so I’ve having to close my door.  Don’t know what that’s about.

Did basic meal prep this past weekend – sauted onions and peppers to have with pre-cooked shredded pork, and sauted zucchini with turkey smoked sausage.  2 simple meals for the week. forgot to take photos.

T is out of town this week so no evening walks.  I actually was sore from leg day on Tuesday and could feel it on Wednesday – that hasn’t happened in a while!

I planned 2 trips for this fall – September I’m going to San Diego for a conference for work, and in November we are going to Georgia for 8 days to see K’s family.  Spent lots of money on that, so I feel a bit guilty, but it was needed.  Looking forward to both.  I go to the conference every year and it’s always really informative.  I’m looking forward to the new location and my dad is going to drive down so I’ll get to see him for a bit before I head back up here.  Georgia is going to be great though.  I love K’s family and I love being out there.  I’m excited to see her extended family, and we’ll have a new niece to see, and I’m excited to show off how much weight I’ve lost.  They met me when I was over 330 lbs, and now I’m under 200, so it’ll be a big change.

I don’t know what else… this post was really random and has no real point except it’s what’s going on and what’s on my mind.


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