dumbbells and cats

Dumbbells and cats do not mix.  Neither do kettleballs and cats.  Really, cats and any form of exercise.


I bought heavier weights last week for my house.  Here is my mini home gym!


The 8 and 10 lbs weights are new.  Weights are so fucking expensive!  It’s crazy.  2 sets of weights cost me almost $40.  That to me is just so crazy.  That’s why I didn’t get more.

Anyways… back to the cats.

So I usually do a home weight workout on Saturday mornings instead of driving out to the gym because I don’t want to leave my house and I don’t want to drive – obviously!

Now, most of the cats could care less what I’m doing but one of them likes to “help” or at least observe and then sporadically run through the living room at top speeds in between sets and moves – usually when I resting for a second, or else I may step on her and crush her to death with the big scary weights.  It’s really funny because if I’m just standing there, she’ll come up and sniff me.  But as soon as I pick up the weights, her eyes get wide and filled with terror and she just runs away like I’m going to drop them on her and beat her head in with them.  And then when I use the kettleball, she looks at me like I’ve lost my ever loving mind.  It’s kinda adorable.  well, at least it is to me.  She’s just so fascinated by what I’m doing but so terrified.

She jumped up onto the table where the weight were right when I got them and sniffed them all and tried to figure out why they had invaded her space. She was not amused and believes they are now evil.

I wish I had been able to get a picture of it, but alas, I was not fast enough.

Anyways… she is my helper with my workouts.  Makes it more entertaining, but I have to be really careful not to step on her tail!


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