little gardens and other bullshit.

It’s almost the end of the work day and I need a small distraction before plugging in those last 30 minutes of productivity.  I’ve actually been surprisingly productive at work the last few days – I think it helped my counterpart was out of the office, so I had less interruptions.  But honestly, it’s the end of the month and that means it’s clean up week – lots of little projects and issues that need to be dealt with before we close the month.

That said, I have 2 semi-large projects that need to get handled this week, and I’m kinda dreading getting into either of them.  I will, but I’m definitely procrastinating on them.


In other news… this past weekend K and I planted to veggies.  Hopefully they will do ok and won’t die in a month.  We’ve never been very successful with growing veggies – only producing a few tomatoes and never any peppers or squash.  K usually adds plant food or something crazy and kills them.  So this time around, just water, sunshine, and good soil. And crossed fingers.


We planted 2 tomato plants – the big one already has 2 little green tomatoes growing on it.  One is regular tomatoes and one is cherry tomatoes.  We have 3 bell peppers – red, green, and yellow, 1 spaghetti squash, 2 regular zucchini and 1 yellow zucchini.  Here’s hoping.

It’s been so hot the past few days that walking in the evening is pretty much out of the question, but the pool isn’t quite warm enough yet.  I went in on Sunday, but not for as long as normal.  Also – I don’t float as well anymore and so it’s not as enjoyable.  I’m sure I’ll get over it and get back to loving the pool.  Just need it to be WARMER!


I’ve starting actually breaking my workouts into days – upper and lower (with abs both days).  Today was my “rest” day so I just walked for 30 minutes at a rolling 2%-5% incline.  I’m hoping the 2 days in between each day will help me recover better so I can keep increasing my weights.  Next I need to focus on logging my workouts.  I just don’t like carrying a pen/paper with me in addition to my water and towel.  But I know it would be important, and would help me stay more structured and really notice my gains. I think I did a little too much though on Tuesday as my shoulder has been a little tender.  Have to be really careful not to flare up my injury so I can keep doing the weight training.  I love it – I love feeling strong.

I also want to create “circuits” to do – come up with a program to follow, so that I know I’m covering all the major muscle groups and not just relying on what I know. I’ve got 2 training books and a book that goes over all the exercises and what muscles they work but now I just gotta read them (fuck!).  So it’s a work in progress.

Found out today that the new office my company was planning to buy fell through, so for the time being we are staying put.  Makes me really happy I hadn’t switched my gym to the one closer to the new office yet!! While I don’t LOVE my gym, I definitely like it better then the one closer to my house. I just have pet peeves about this one – only smith machines, not actual squat racks. the “asian princess mafia” as I’ve dubbed them (god that’s sounds so racist of me, but it’s how I described them to K and it stuck) – a group of 2-5 girls and 1 guy who work out in a group, but spend 50% of their time talking and taking up space in either the stretching/ab area or free weights area.  the fact they still haven’t replaced the stolen TRX equipment even though I told them it was stolen 6 weeks ago.  The fact they don’t have real personal training but only group sessions at really inconvenient times.


final update, 5 more lbs and I’m under 200!  eeshk!


Alright, 8 more oz of tea to drink and 15 minutes left to bust out some actual work.  back to it!


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