random accomplishments…

Accomplishments from the past 10 days… in no real order…

1. Exercised 6 out of 7 days last week.

2. Fitting comfortably into an xxl and having an xl fit but be a little tight for my comfort.

3. Wore leggings and a shirt out running errands and felt hot af.

4. Getting rebooted with my relaxing weekend.

5. Talking to my bestie T. Not really an accomplishment but I love her and I actually shared how I was having a hard week which is big for me, because I don’t normally share things.

6. Folded laundry that’s just come out of the dryer and put it all away.

7. Filled my pill keepers up for the week so I don’t forget my vitamins.

8. Actually took my vitamins and meds both days this weekend!

9. Kept my steps up for the weekend and didn’t slack.  It’s the weekend, not the weakend.

10. Got enough water in this weekend as well!

11. I blogged both days this weekend.  Trying to stay in touch with my emotions and document my journey.  It’s a bitch, but I love it all at the same time.

12. Spent time with new people which is totally uncomfortable for me, but I did it anyways and had a good time!

13. During my workout on Saturday morning, a thought popped into my head that I’m weak for only using 5 lb weights and that it was hard for some of the exercises.  My immediate response was “fuck you – at least I’m doing it! Better then those who don’t lift anything!” So proud of my internal self talk kicking my negative self talk to the curb.

14. I am finally figuring out some things in the new software system I’m administering and actually getting somewhere in the customization I have to do.  Still have a million miles to go, but at least I’m slowly moving down the road.

15. I went for a walk on my lunch at work today.  Only walked for 15 minutes, but that’s better then nothing.  Now I just need to get it up to 2 times/day that I walk (always with more/higher goals!).  How bout I get consistent with 1 time/day before I try and reach for 2 times/day.  geez!

16. other shit I’m sure but I’m done with this list now!


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