Meal Prep 04/30/17

Today has been peaceful and quiet.  Went for a walk this morning with new friends from group, came home and folded laundry – including 3 baskets of linens that have been sitting in the living room for 4 weeks, and did my meal prep, which went really smoothly because I’m prepping a lot less now that it’s just me eating, and not my roommate.  And then I’ve just been reading all afternoon with no tv. It’s been quiet, which I’m actually enjoying.  K got me so used to always having noise, that the quiet is different but welcome.

Here’s the run down for foods this week…

Breakfasts: hard boiled eggs with either cheese or ham steak.

Lunches: tuna with avocado or cottage cheese with berries or ham steak and cheddar.

Dinners: chili lime pork with zuchinni and sour cream dressing, ham steak and broccoli, and then I think chipotle 1 night.

Unfortunately, this simple plan doesn’t make for tons of pretty pictures of my meal prep! I’m not cooking the ham steak until Tuesday cause I’m using most of it to make K dinner, and I’m not really prepping the berries or cottage cheese til I go get them out of the fridge to make lunch.  Same with the tuna and avo. But I’m excited about the protein options I have, and the different flavors I’ve got on deck.  Gotta keep it interesting for me to keep going!


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