Saturday musings

7.15am – alarms start going off but I snooze them.

8.15am – My roommate tripped the power again with her blow dryer.  Guess that means it’s time to get up, turn the ac off and start moving.  In the middle of an epically long pee my next alarm goes off.  God that alarm tone is annoying af.

8.17am – weigh in time.  211.2. Only lost .6 lbs this week.  I’m ok with it.  The smallest voice in the back of my head is trying to scream “not good enough” and “you should’ve worked harder” and “this sucks – time to freak out”, but I’m not letting her win.  My week was on point for the most part, no major slip ups, plus I was really stressed and on my period.  So I’m good.

8.30am – I’m dressed, my shoes are on, and my cat is trying her hardest to get me to forget my workout and lay down and snuggle her.  I grab my bcaa drink and water, turn on my spotify mix and mentally tell her I’m stronger than kitty love and she’ll get to lay on me all this afternoon.

9.00am – done with my weight training.  Now the debate on whether to walk or not.  I’m tired, but I want my steps.  This becomes a mental battle on 1. Did I work hard enough on training to skip a walk,  2. Will I just go on a walk later this afternoon, 3. If I don’t go on a walk later this afternoon will I be pissed at myself for not walking this morning,  4. If I go for a walk now, doesn’t mean I can’t go for a walk later on the day if I get antsy, and 5. Bring my water bottle or don’t bring my water bottle.  The end result was I’d go for a walk, bring a smaller water bottle, and take it easier on the walk since I was tired from the training.  I put in a load of laundry to try and get ahead of my chores. Gotta be proactive!

10.00am – crushed a 45 minute walk.  2000 steps less then my normal 50 minute walk, but I was taking it easy and at least I fucking did it.  Time to prep my protein shake – lemon tea cause it’s the weekend! – and make breakfast.  1 egg with left over veggies and a little cheddar.  Yum!

10.35am – finished my food, sitting here with the cat, need to shower so I can hit the store.  And funny enough, as soon as I typed that, the cat got up.  She sensed I was about to move.

11.15am – on the rode to Sam’s club and target to get groceries. I brought my protein tea with me and rocked leggings with a longer shirt and felt awesome.

Here I am drinking my protein while running errands!

1.30pm – home from errands. Got some berries, tuna, and cheese for me and got foods for K. Also got stupid household essentials we needed, like dish soap.  boring shit.

2.00pm – sitting relaxing and chilling with the cats and Netflix.

4.25pm – had lunch about an hour ago.  Still just chilling on the couch.  Doing a little laundry and trying to get my water in.

8.00pm – dinner was brie, blackberries, and almonds.  Now I’m back to watching Netflix.  It’s a great Saturday afternoon/ evening which has definitely helped me relax and get a little more settled.

Tomorrow is my prep day.  Walking in the morning with a new friend from group, meeting with Sami around 11am to talk about my surgery, and then food prep.  I think I’m gonna make the chili lime pork and the ham steak.  Gonna make egg muffins with the last of my tritip and veggies.  Hopefully that’ll work out well.

9.44pm – off to bed.  Long and good day.


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