too bad bitching doesn’t burn calories


8 a.m.

Still feeling a bit “off”.  My routine is getting back to normal, but my energy levels are still lower than I’d like.  I’m also still really feeling behind in work, but that’s partially cause one of my programs did their annual upgrade/update on Monday night and it completely screwed with my set up and I’m having to redo a bunch of permissions and setup pieces and field a ton of questions from people on why certain things aren’t working.  I can’t quite describe how I feel about work – it’s like I like/love my job, but I really am bored with it, but it’s frustrating and challenging, but it’s frustrating and challenging!! I have lots to do, but I can’t seem to get motivated to do it, or each thing I do is one step forward, three steps backward, and it’s starting to wear on me.  Maybe I need a vacation – god I wish I could take a vacation!

I missed my morning workout this morning because I overslept – partially on purpose and partially by accident. I’ll just have to get a really good walk in this afternoon after work and make sure to get a good training session in tomorrow.  It’s hard when I miss my morning workout cause my body needs that exercise to energize me throughout the day.  Today I’m sure I’ll be sluggish – and it doesn’t help it’s a Friday so I really don’t want to be at work.


3 p.m.

So now it’s at the end of my work day.  Today actually went better at work then I was expecting.  Lunch kind of gave me some energy and I was able to get some things off my to-do list.  I think next week I need to have some closed door sessions with my systems and really dig into the areas I need to work on so I can feel like I’m making progress and really focus on the difficult shit I have to work out.

I’m trying to get a few people to go walking with me on Sunday cause I’m feeling like I need some uplifting. I wasn’t thinking I’d get a reply, but one girl said she’d drive down about 40 minutes into the city and another lady wants to go as well, so that’s cool.  Hopefully being around people will help my mood.  I still crave that interaction with people that I was getting at the cons, but I just don’t crave the work.

I feel like I’ve just been complaining this week, which I apologize for.  Maybe it’s mostly in my head.  I just have had this cloud around me.  Not my normal modus operandi, but it’s what I’ve got this week.  Hopefully a calm weekend of getting my shit done and together, reading, crocheting, cats, and exercise will get me back to being centered and serine.  and hopefully focused on more than just fitness/health, which is all I seem to want to focus on, which I think is why I’m having a hard time at work.  I become obsessed with things, and it’s hard to get my brain off the train and back to where it needs to be sometimes.

Slowly but surely putting the ducks back in order and slowly but surely coming back around to somewhat “normal” feeling.


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