ducks are out of order

Life is hard right now, or today at least.  My weekend was depleting – lots of energy exerted and I don’t really feel like I got filled up yet.  My workout this morning helped some, but not enough.  Right now I’m at work, and I’ve been pretty productive so far, but I’m just not feeling it.  I’m not getting that fulfilled feeling from work – instead it’s more dread and nausea.   I need to come up with a plan for getting through my work and feel productive and useful and not frustrated with my progress all the time.  I need to work on a timeline for it – create a mini project plan, but that just feels so overwhelming.  Hopefully my meetings today will give me a little idea of what direction I need to head in on some projects I’m working on, and then I can create a plan from that.  I think I’ll just need to put pen to paper and actually physically plot it out for me to feel better.

I also need to do that with my personal life.  I have some things looming over me that are frustrating and driving me nuts.  Cleaning and organizing that needs to be done, the backyard, the garage, the car, the cats, etc.  Things that take time, effort, and money.

I think I’m just feeling disconnected from everything in my life right now.  And I’m not completely sure how to get connected again.   It feels daunting and overwhelming and too far away to get a good grasp on.

I think partially this is cause I did too much this weekend.  Being out both days and not having my prep day kinda messed with my ducks.  Hopefully I can get them back in a row soon.  When my ducks aren’t in their rows, my world doesn’t run right.




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