excuse: “time”

So I’m a member of a bunch of online bariatric support groups through facebook.  They are really motivating and help me stay on track and help me realize I’m not alone in this journey.  They are super helpful.

BUT – they can also be frustrating.  I skim over a lot because there are a lot of people trying to find excuses to eat crap, but the ones that seem to be asking for help, I like to help.  Helping is what support is about.  I probably have been called “food police” before, but whatever.  Anyways… not the point!

The point is, this morning as I was skimming facebook while I sipped my morning protein shake, I read a post about how the woman doesn’t have the money or time to buy and cook chicken and/or fish for food and therefore she can’t follow her diet.  and she’s hungry all the time.  Ok – my issue today is with the “she doesn’t have time”.  If you don’t have time now, what makes you think you’ll have time after surgery?  And everyone has time – you have to make priorities.  I saw something really interesting, and I wish I had saved it, but it said something about – think about how much time you spent on facebook, now if only you spent half that time getting healthy – or something to that effect. That really struck me, because I do spend a good amount of time strolling on facebook – it’s like my own version of playing candy crush or something.  And because I’m in so many groups, there is a lot to read.  Now, don’t get me wrong, the poster in question had other issues and she eludes to a valid point of food being expensive, but my issue right now is with not having the time  (I don’t want to touch on the expensiveness of healthy eating, because trust me, it pisses me off that healthy fresh foods cost way more than packaged processed crap. She has a valid point that eating healthy can be more expensive.)

You know, when I started this process, I had an issue with time.  Sometimes I still do, but I know that it’s all based on what I choose to do.  About 4 months ago, I realized that working out in the afternoons after work made me feel like it was a time suck and eating away at my “free” time, but when I worked out before work, it was a refreshing start to my day and no longer felt like a burden or that it was getting in the way of my time.  I recently realized that I may have to push my start time at work back a little to get a little longer workout in (or get up earlier – we’ll see how it goes), and that that’s ok.  I need to make ME a priority.  I also started working out in the evenings as well at home because my body is craving the movement, and it doesn’t feel like a burden or intrusion on my “free” time, instead I’m just realizing that I may spend my free time a little differently now.

In creating my healthy habits, I had to make the time to make sure I was in bed before 10pm every night, and that I spent part of my weekend meal prepping and cooking, and that every night I prep my shakes in advance.  I had to realize that those small time investments really made the rest of time more productive and happier.  It’s all amount managing your time wisely.  And really – I don’t have enough time in the day is a pretty shitty excuse.  Some things only take an extra few minutes and can really add up to huge benefits.

Ok – stepping off the soap box now and getting back to work!



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