new “addictions”

One of the things they warn about before you have surgery is transfer addiction.  Your addiction to foods, sugars, carbs, soda, etc. needs a new outlet since you can’t go to food, so you often can transfer that addictive personality/need onto something new – like alcohol or drugs.  in my case, it’s varying between buying clothes and exercising, which surprisingly go hand in hand, because the clothes I’m addicted to buying is workout clothes!  Doing my laundry this weekend, it become clear, that if only based on my regular loads of laundry, you would think I only wear workout gear and pjs. here are my 10 pairs of workout pants and shirts I wore this week!


I just seem to love buying new cute leggings and shirts to make gym going better.  And now that it’s almost summer, I got to get myself new swimsuits since my old ones are huge and I swim all summer long.

My friend T and I were walking last night and we were talking about transfer addiction and how we both would like to make it be exercise.  Which I think my brain is slowly morphing into, because I want to be exercising all the time lately.  I go every morning to the gym, but then in the evenings, I want to go for a walk (or swim – get warmer faster so my pool will heat up!).  And it used to be that during the weekend, I’d relax and do nothing, and now I just want to go for hikes and shit.  And I bought myself a kettleball so I could workout at home.  I am really starting to enjoy being active, it’s just super weird since that wasn’t me before.

It’s hard to focus on things that aren’t progressing my health these days.  Like I have my art business, but I just don’t really want to be doing much with it these days.  It feels burdensome.  And I want to read fitness magazines and books and learn more about being healthy and how to build muscles and shit.  It’s weird because it feels so unlike me, but maybe it’s the new me, the healthier me.  I always have been a bit obsessive when it comes to hobbies and I always like to jump in head first, so maybe that’s just what this is.  I just don’t want to get so intense that my efforts aren’t sustainable and I burn out on it.

Here’s some fit-spiration to keep me going…




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