Errands, gyms, and roast beef

Today we had off as it was a holiday.  So I ran a million errands.  Went to 3 gyms to get info on joining, went to my own gym and did a mini training session, went to Sam’s club, got my hair cut and colored, and went to an FA meeting.  Just felt like I was running all day long.  But, I was prepared and had all my protein prepped and survived with eating healthy and didn’t skip meals or anything really.  

So, I went to 2 California family fitness’s, and to a local gym, and got info on joining.  But I didn’t love any of them.   The local one just wasn’t really what I wanted.  Between the CA family fitness’s, one is laid out weird and is kinda small, but it has a pool.  The new big one was kinda intimidating.  I loved that they had so much equipment but it just felt too much.  

Here are the reasons I want to switch gyms:

  1.  Our office is moving this summer and will be no longer near my gym. So going to the gym will now be out of the way by 20 minutes each way.  But I don’t need to switch right away.  I was feeling pressured to change gyms because there was a sale.  I don’t have to switch right now, so I was putting this undue pressure on myself for no reason.  And gyms have sales all the time. 
  2. I want classes, or training, or something more than what I have right now.  But I think that I can make that for right now on my own.  I did this mini training session today since I had the day off, and now I have some more moves and skills I can do add incorporate into my regular workout.  So I’m already improving my workout.  
  3. I wanted to do aqua aerobics again. Well, it’s almost summer so my own pool will be ready soon, and in the meantime, I can sign up for the sessions in elk grove.  So that’s settled.  

So basically I was just psyching myself out and stressing out over nothing.  I feel comfortable at my gym right now, so I’m gonna stick it out for a few more months til we move.  

For some reason I’ve started taking photos of my lunches.  No idea why, but I’ll share it.  2 slices of roast beef, 1 oz of sharp tillamook cheddar, and 5 blackberries.  And mustard of course for the meat and cheese.  Breakfast was an egg and bacon.  Got lots of protein in.  


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