to train or not to train…


That is the question.  The question that is racking my brain right now is kind of 3 parted.

  1. Do I go to the gym again this afternoon to get in a class they have at 3.30pm?  Because I saw them doing a class yesterday afternoon at the gym (I was bad and didn’t get up at 5am like I should have, so I trucked it at the gym at 4pm which SUCKED! Way too many people there for me). I worked out harder this morning – doing the Arc Trainer for 25 minutes, which I’ve never done before.  But I’m kind of aching for that muscle soreness you get when your workout kicked your add.
    1. a. Side note: I am planning to do a class on Friday as I have the day off.  So I’m also wondering if I do this class today, then could that get in the way of going to class on Friday.  ARGH!
  2. To switch gyms or not to switch gyms.  And if I switch, which gym do I switch to?  I know eventually I’m going to have to switch.  We are moving our office location in mid-summer, and there isn’t a Planet Fitness anywhere near my house or the new office, and I don’t want to drive 20 minutes out of way, one way, every morning.  Way too much on my commute.  I had been leaning towards CA Family Fitness – they have 2 locations within 5 minutes of my house, good hours, they offer classes at 5:30am, and one of them has a pool! But it’s a little spendy.  They also have small group training sessions, which I like the idea of.  The other choice is a local gym, that is open 24 hours.  They have classes, but the earliest class is at 6am, so I wouldn’t get to work on time, or would have to start work later.  But they are a little cheaper.  I really am still leaning towards CA Family Fitness, but I made a friend and she wants to do the other gym.  But how often would I actually go to the gym with her?  I like my schedule of going in the morning, and she can’t do that.
  3. To train and run a 5k with support group.  A few of the girls want to train and walk/run a 5k in June.  And they are signing up for a training program through Fleet Feet for the 5k.  the training program is $100, which includes 2 training sessions/week and a t-shirt.  Then, the race itself is $50.  so it’s a $150 endeavor.  Do I really want to invest in that right now?  I’m not sure.  I might wait and see who else will sign up.  And I could always go to the info meeting on Saturday morning and see what it’s about.

So much to think about.  I really want to work on weight training and toning my body and getting muscles underneath this flab.  It’s hard too because of my shoulder I’m worried about hurting it more or straining it.  I have kind of learned what I can and can’t do with it, but I haven’t tried anything with weights.  Then part of me just says I should train at home, but it’s so hard to do at home when all I want to do is curl up on the couch with a cat and a blanket.

I have started following this lady who is “Creating Wonder Woman” as she calls it.  She had gastric bypass 18 months ago, and she does heavy lifting.  She looks amazingly fit and doesn’t have lose skin, and it’s really inspiring.  She’s at the gym for 2 hours/day at 3am.  That to me wouldn’t be sustainable, but I would like to get a solid hour of working out in the gym in.  Got to work harder on getting out of the house by 5am!

Well, my body is saying I need to feed it.  I’m off to eat my lovely small meal of eggs, bacon, and cheese.



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