Meal Prep 03/26/17

I was SUPER tired this Sunday, so I didn’t get everything I wanted to get prepped made on Sunday, but I will survive.  This week I was trying to use some different flavors and keep things a little interesting.  It only sort of came to fruition though.  I’m not big on trying new things, even when I’m feeling bored.  Usually because I don’t like them when I try them!

So my plan was to make all these different things (like 5 different meals), but I only really got to making 2 meals, plus eggs.  But one of them was totally new and different and reasonably tasty.  so yah me!

Here is what I’ll be eating this week…

  • Egg Muffins: this week they are made with chicken apple sausage, sauted kale & onions, and roasted cherry tomatoes with a little cheese.  They are very tasty! I didn’t think I would like the tomatoes, but I do!
  • Shrimp with Zucchini noodles (zoodles!) with roasted tomato and parmesan cheese.  I used lemon juice and olive oil as the “sauce” or “dressing” on this.  The shrimp was only ok – I think next time I’m gonna grill them.
  • Chicken Apple Sausages with roasted green beans and butternut squash fries.  Simple and easy and yummy.  I’m trying all these different types of chicken apple sausages to find one I actually like.  It’s definitely trial and error.  They’re all ok, but none of them have been GREAT!
  • I also made hard boiled eggs and prepped roast beef and cheddar cheese for easy quick lunches.

I plan to make a spinach artichoke and chicken recipe later this week, so we’ll see how that turns out.



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