Meal Prep 03/19/17

So… I have to admit, I’m writing this one a few days late… but I decided I’m going to start sharing my meal prep.  I share it with my local bariatric support group and so why not put it on here!

Meal prepping is literally the only way I can stay focused during the week and eat good foods and not just eat cheese and nuts (my go to easy snack).  I make egg muffins most weeks (but I am getting a little sick of them), and then I make proteins and veggies for me and my roommate to eat during the week.  I do all my shopping on Saturdays and cooking on Sundays.  I spend about 4 hours cooking and prepping foods, but then it’s done and I don’t have to cook again all week, which makes my evenings so much more enjoyable.

This was a pretty “easy” week as I was making only 1 protein source other than eggs and was planning to eat that pretty much all week.

Here’s the run down:

  • Egg Muffins made with left over black beans from Chipotle, left over chicken thighs, sauted onions and yellow bell pepper, and a little cheese.
  • Taco Boats!  This is one of my FAVORITE things.  I LOVE tacos.  Like seriously love them.  Since I don’t eat flour, I found the genius idea to use bell peppers as little boats for the taco filling.  These ones were pretty simple with just ground beef, cheese, seasoning, and bell peppers (I threw in onions and zucchini into the ground beef to add in some more veggie)
  • I also roasted up some asparagus and radishes to eat with some chicken I still had from a few days ago.

and that’s my week in food!



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