Surgery and the aftermath

It’s day 2 of my hospital stay.  Hoping to get out off here today but we’ll see.  My stomach is continually hurting. It just keeps changing how it hurts.  Sometimes it’s gas, sometimes it’s incisional, sometimes it’s rumbling, sometimes it’s nausea. It’s hard to keep up.  I’ve been walking around the hallways, which has helped with the burping and gas and pain relief.  They cleared me to drink 30 mls in an hour and then I could increase to 60 mls. Once I can tolerate 60 mls I can technically be released to go home.  Everything else is so sore.  My back and neck are killing me from laying down so much and not having good support.  
The liquid pain meds they have me on don’t work near as well as the ones I got via IV. 

I’m ready to go home though.  They are completing my discharge papers so I should be on the way shortly.  My head hunger is getting to me though.  Same with my sense of smell.  Sigh. Ready for my own bed and got the pain to subside. I do have a few minutes of wondering what the fuck I just did to myself.  


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